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What are your Health Goals?

Helping Americans improve their health is my goal. There is no one size fits all approach, I understand that.

Do you want to …
.. Lose Weight and/or Fat?
.. Relieve Chronic and/or Back Pain?
.. have more Energy?
.. reduce Anxiety and/or Sleep Better?
.. be Proactive to live a longer fuller life?
.. become and stay more Active?
.. be Happy with the way you Look & Feel?

We have learned so much from the Pandemic. All that research produced some amazing Medical Advancements. With new strains and viruses popping up all the time, it is more important than ever to be proactive about your Health.

New Research and Medical Advancements have delivered these Great Products & Services. Which ones are right for you?

Life-Changing Weight Loss without Starving or Exercise

Breakthrough Mineral is the “Holy Grail”

This is not some crazy exercise program or a packaged meal diet. It’s a way to Block Fat gain and lose weight in a month’s time even if you have a slow metabolism or have struggled with weight gain all your life. In addition to blocking fat, the secret K3 Spark Mineral puts your body into Ketosis. This makes your body a fat burning furnace. You may have heard of Ketosis in conjunction with Keto Diets which are impossible to follow. The K3 Spark Mineral emulates what the keto diet does for your body and multiplies the result by 3x. Just look at the average weight loss between keto dieters and K3 Spark Mineral users in these experiments.

Healthy Crash-Free Energy leads to Rapid Weight Loss, Great Mood

Boost your Immune & Digestive Health

Don’t give up Meat or your Favorite Foods

Reduce Joint Pain, Improve Vision, Think more Clearly

This all-natural formula provides a constant flow of “crash free” energy & greater control over unhealthy food cravings, giving you smooth, worry-free digestion. Formulated by Dr. Steven Gundry, MD, one of the world’s most celebrated surgeons, for daily use. Simply mix two scoops of this secret formula into any beverage of your choice — water, unsweetened coconut milk, juice or smoothie — and you’re good to go! You can still eat normally all day long, though you may not feel the need to eat quite as much. What is it?

Electro-Magnetic Field Radiation is a real problem as it’s emitted from all your wireless devices and electronics

There is no running away from it!

The electrical infrastructure around us exposes us to hazardous EMF. Environmental professionals, engineers and the medical community globally are concerned by the impact of these radiations. In fact, electro-pollution has caused the World Health Organization to develop an EMF project to address the problem.

100% Natural Relief from Chronic Pain & Anxiety

Improve your Life & Sleep with Next Generation CBD

Top researchers are now recommending Sera Relief’s NEXT GENERATION CBD Miracle gummies to help in defending against achy muscles and joint discomfort, and dozens of other responses to day-to-day stressors. Call it CBD 2.0, because these miracle gummies are far more effective than anything available previously and for millions battling discomfort this news could not be more exciting.

Improve your Mood, Combat Depression without Pills

Moodozi Light Therapy

Find out how thousands of americans are curing their symptoms of depression…and it’s NOT with pills. LED lights use Pulse Width Modification to mimic the hue and intensity of natural sunlight. This process balances your “biological clock” called a circadian rhythm, which is essential for health. Something as simple as this soft LED light can have the power to improve everything from your appetite to your sleep. Moodozi is 100% UV-light free, and safe to use around anyone, including those with skin conditions.

Get Super-Focused & Happy, Fix Memory Loss

Simple Brain Exercises to Change your Life

Is your memory becoming fuzzy?  Perhaps you’re suddenly feeling bored when you’re the most excited person on the planet. Are you repeating yourself like a broken record? Maybe you don’t seem like your normal super-focused self. These are called “senior moments. Memory loss that disrupts daily life may be a symptom of dementia. Read “The Unbreakable Brain” from cover to cover and you learn some of the best recommendations to prevent dementia.

End the Blood Pressure Nightmare 100% Naturally

Avoid Aging Stiff Arteries

Are you sick and tired of your blood pressure pills because of their annoying side effects?  If you sometimes feel a little nauseous and lightheaded, it could be because your body has too much of the amino acid homocysteine that irritates the blood vessels, resulting in your arteries getting stiff. American scientists have discovered an all-natural solution that can help solve your blood pressure nightmare, all while also keeping your arteries clear and healthy.  Taking two capsules of this all-natural blood pressure supplement each day can greatly improve your heart health.

Stop the Anguish of Ringing in your Ears

Non-Prescription Tinnitus Relief Supplement

Do you suffer from Tinnitus? Scientists from the University of Arizona have managed to pinpoint the exact location of where this debilitating sound comes from and Their findings have proven to be 100% effective, with zero exception, for over 130,000 people who suffer from tinnitus, hearing loss and hyperacusis. Silencil clears the ringing in your ears, restores your hearing, and obliterates your headaches, stress and anxiety. No more buzzing, whooshing, roaring and endless sleepless nights.

Opioid-Free Relief from Chronic Back Pain

Spinal Force is a Great New Alternative

Are you one of millions of Americans that deal with daily back? Are you looking for an all-natural alternative to opioids or steroid injections? After extensive research, scientists have discovered that neuroinflammation is the root cause of back pain for most Americans. That means treatment starts in the brain, not in the joints, arms, hips or back. Corydalis Lutea, Marshmallow root powder, passionflower & other 100% natural ingredients, target inflammation & provide long lasting relief. Take one supplement a day could give you back your mobility.

Don’t let your Eyesight continue to Worsen

VisiSharp’s Groundbreaking Discovery

Are you losing your eyesight? This is a groundbreaking vision loss discovery you shouldn’t miss. Academic Institutions like the Santa Clara and Suffolk Universities confirm that these substances have been found to ameliorate vision loss symptoms, nurture the outer layers of the eyes, heal the inner parts and eventually improve eyesight altogether. When combined with 30ml of water, they form a gel-like substance that is extremely rich in eye beneficial properties.

Strokes and Heart Disease can now be prevented

❤️American Heart Association

This is Important!

If you’re over 40, or have any family history of stroke, heart or other early onset conditions, it is important to complete your vital health screening now available at convenient Local Locations in your Neighborhood.  Get ahead of potentially life-threatening conditions.  No Referral Needed.


Hair Growth

If you’re losing your hair, there is finally hope. For the first time ever, researchers have proven aging hair follicles can show the appearance of new life. By simply triggering a newly discovered biological activator you can nourish aging hair follicles for the appearance of thicker, fuller, more youthful hair at any age. People who used this technique — even those in their 70s and 80s — report this biological activator has been the ONLY thing to deliver real, noticeable, and lasting results.

Why are water filters important?

Don’t get Food Poisoning or destroy your immune system!

Ingesting water with bacteria, pesticides, E. coli, or heavy metals has been associated with gastrointestinal illnesses, cancer, and reproductive effects and not-so-good symptoms, including stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, underscoring the importance of having a water filtration system in place.

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