2023: Be Prepared! Another Spike in cases is expected as new strains are discovered again. Are you prepared?

No paperwork, No Out-of-Pocket Costs, No Shipping Fees.

Tests are 100% covered by Medicare or your Insurance.

The end of the USPS Covid Test program doesn’t mean you have to go without Free Covid Tests. The Emergency Act enacted by the President ensures that your insurance company will cover all costs and fees associated with these Tests.

Please view available options for your free tests as of July 18, 2024.

Why you should have tests at home just like you do Band-Aids:

  • Before visiting anybody that’s elderly or high-risk
  • Before visiting a Doctor’s Office or a Place of Business
  • Before Business Trips & Vacations
  • Before Church, Social and Sporting Events
  • If you’re going into an office
  • If you’re going into schools (teachers, children, college students and their families)

Don’t make an expensive and inconvenient trip to the Doctor or Clinic for a Covid Test. Don’t pay last minute retail prices.

In fact, now you can get 8 at once and continue receiving 8 every month for as long as the program is active!

You can get 8 Free Tests per month with no Out-of-Pocket Cost. Simply fill out the quick 1-minute form and have your Insurance Card available.

Quick and easy online order form.

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